About Landscape Lighting:

vista lighting

It highlights your strengths, such as your signage and your entryway, to ensure your residents, and visitors find their way in. It enhances your features and outdoor living areas for more hours than daylight alone provides. And it keeps people on your property safe and secure.

Use lights to enhance:

  • Signs
  • Paths
  • Parking areas
  • Trees
  • Parks

Landscape lighting can improve your property’s safety and security while creating an inviting environment at night by enhancing site features, architecture, and landscaping. Pope Landscape is happy to install lighting in your property, and we also encourage our clients to replace their existing incandescent bulbs with LEDs.  After installing countless landscape lighting systems in the triangle, we can tell you there are some solid reasons you should consider the switch to LED landscape lighting:

  • LEDs last longer
    • LEDs are a more sustainable option. They produce less heat, consume less energy, and need to be maintained less often than traditional bulbs.
  • You’ll save money with LEDs
    • LED bulbs are low voltage, which means it’s using a fraction of the electricity traditional bulbs use. LEDs can cut energy use by more than 80%.
    • Low-voltage lighting does not require electrical permitting or inspections.
  • LEDs are cooler
    • Traditional bulbs produce a lot of heat, increasing the risk of fire from contact with dry leaves or other flammable materials.

Pope Landscape & Irrigation can show you a variety of lighting options and upgrades for your commercial property. Give us a call at 919-779-7673 or use our simple contact form.